Sunday, January 24, 2010

The joys of living with cats

I have been living with Thelma and Louise for slightly more than 2 years now. I believed initially that I was saving them, but it is they who save me, over and over. When I am sad, they cheer me up. When I have had a terrible day at work, they meet me at the door, purr, ask to be petted and the day is better, right then and there. Probably all people who live with pets feel the same way, I suppose. I laugh at their antics, worry if the slightest thing seems to be amiss with either of them, and "chat" with them during my routine daily activities.
I had to add a second chair at my computer desk, so that they can be "computer cats" as pictured above. The "girls" add a dimension to my existence that I never knew was missing until their arrival in my home and my life. In short, I have become what my sister termed, "an accidental cat lady", and I wouldn't change a thing.